C1 Foundation

Helping creatives who may not have the means to produce, mint and sell NFTs

C1 Foundation

C1 released its first AudioNFT entitled “Baboon” and pledged to give 30% of proceeds to help the less fortunate.

Our focus is helping the less fortunate, although all artists are welcome to join C1

About the Team


Dedeukwu draws on personal experience and revolutionary illusions but mostly defining the true story and realities of the African Igbos ….(Afribomusic)
DedeukwuShryne is a movement, and not only an artist or musician, it is a human being living beyond human and taking control of time inclusive of realities, moments, skills and life.

<strong>Justin Burkholder</strong>
Justin Burkholder

JCB has been involved in music all of his life. Either drumming, rapping, producing or engineering. He has had the honor of working with platinum selling artists and producers in the US, Canada, and Malaysia. The most recent project being C1, under NEAR Protocol alongside collaborator and friend Dedeukwu.  

C1 started in 2021 through a collaborative project between artists from Nigeria, Cameroon, and Canada.

What started as a collaboration track under DAO Records and the NxM guild, quickly shifted gears when learning of each other’s passion for philanthropy and community. A group of artists wanting to help other artists.

The idea was to give other creatives the same opportunity we were provided with in terms of creating art, being taught to navigate an ever changing industry, and earning revenue.

Our focus is helping the less fortunate, although all artists are welcome to join C1. You can take part in the mission by contributing art, and purchasing art from the C1 store.

Utilizing funds generated through the sales of NFTs, C1 will give artists a home. C1 will provide opportunities for creatives and would be creatives to bring their art to life, and give the unheard a voice, with the idea to monetize through the sales of NFTs.

C1 will set up recording and art facilities for people who normally would not have access to them, and provide the guidance and knowledge to produce works of art and monetize with NEAR Protocol through the blockchain.

This will provide the creatives with the necessary tools to see their artwork through to completion. It will be a way for at risk youth and the less fortunate to express themselves in a safe creative space, while educating them on the future of the art and entertainment industry, while generating revenue sources. It will be a way to feed revenue back to C1 in order to scale up and help more people.

C1 will go neighborhood to neighborhood, city to city, and beyond

Join C1 on Discord and see how we can work together to spread positivity, opportunities and good art.