C1 Foundation

Helping creatives who may not have the means to produce, mint and sell NFTs


JCB has been involved in music all of his life. Either drumming, rapping, producing or engineering. He has had the honor of working with platinum selling artists and producers in the US, Canada, and Malaysia.

The most recent project being C1, under NEAR Protocol alongside collaborator and friend Dedeukwu. 

JCB draws on life experiences to create. His music is a little rough around the edges, and unpolished, but gives sounds of hope. JCB’s main priority when creating and collaborating is drawing raw emotions out of the ones blessing his tracks with vocals. Allowing them to truly be themselves, and use music for what he thinks music is intended for in its most natural form… A release and an escape. 

JCB has come together with Dedeukwu, thanks to Vandal, NxM, Createbase and NEAR Protocol, in order to help artists create and sell. More so then that, he wants to give artists with no means to produce an outlet and a way to create. A positive space, and the ability to guide, and perhaps prevent some of the same hardships he faced in his less productive days.  

Facing forward, JCB plans to build C1, while creating, guiding and spreading positive vibes.