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Dedeukwu draws on personal experience and revolutionary illusions but mostly defining the true story and realities of the African Igbos ….(Afribomusic)

DedeukwuShryne is a movement, and not only an artist or musician, it is a human being living beyond human and taking control of time inclusive of realities, moments, skills and life.

Can you imagine yourself starting a career project expecting to make mistakes leading to failures, for Dedeukwu, that’s a NO!! That doesn’t help our human emotions and mental health. The pain we cause ourselves due to our own expectations and hard work fails us, when we can adapt to the thought and reality of mistakes and failure. Of course some will say it’s being NEGATIVE, Dedeukwu states that its rather ones inability to understand life and LIVE BEYOND HUMANITY.

As a core African Igbo Dedeukwu grew up surrounded by people with the mindset that the youth must be financially able to serve refreshments, go to church every day to be seen as holy, take a spouse to the alter after observing traditional rights, afford a large party no matter how old he looks before settling down with a partner. Doing otherwise is a TABOO. There is more talk of keeping unwanted pregnancies or abortions, which leads many young champs into making mistakes… but who cares !?

Who is DEDEUKWU…He is the vessel of IKENGA returned to the blockchain with vibes and messages after self realization in the middle of the pandemic. The 25 year old rapper/musician was popularly known as SPUNKY BLACK in the South East of Nigeria. A family man with 5 siblings, parents and a son, bringing his roots and a mix of indigenous Igbo bars backed by 14 hard years of being a studio rat, street show junkie in ABA, Dedeukwu’s experiences resonate through the art he creates. He spent years of his time working at stripclubs as a Hype MC/Host in IMO STATE and still topped the chart of club hosts. In the luxurious minded city of OWERRI, filled with University towers and pressures Dedeukwu dropped out of school because WESTERN EDUCATION wasn’t his thing. He had real life experience and education, a resource seeker and survivalist. Though his hometown is AKANU-ITEM in BENDE L.G.A of ABIA STATE known for her historical record of Warships and traditional culture, he was never tied to his family Royalty or misinterpreted history.     

Dedeukwu relocated to WESTERN NIGERIA, Lagos after OSINACHI his immediate elder brother introduced him to VANDAL of DAORECORDS. He was onboarded to the NFT space and saw the potentials of the blockchain. He found his tribe, but not only that, he found support to his vision of giving 30% proceeds of his future wealth to uplift the less fortunate globally with JCB. NEAR PROTOCOL, CREATEBASE, NxM helped spice up the vision by being in joint with CTRL and making C1foundation a guild which was spawned after the creation of the song BABOON with Jahzone (Cameroon), Artwork by Mykhelpixel (Nigeria) ,Produced by JCB (Canada).       

This is the easiest way to #onboard1millionafricans into the blockchain envisioned by DEDEUKWU and his SHRYNE and things just got started.